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last month breaks his silence to help track down the men who beat him. >> carolyn: they beat him and called him a terrorist. the victim is sharing his story only with abc7. it happened november 21 and just today police released this first sketch of one of those attackers. thomas ramon spokes with the victim. >> he is a 32-year-old eastern industrial designer who was attacked. he said he had nightmares and afraid to leave his home. they are asking for the public's help in finding his attackers. >> i just got in the car and just in my spot. >> he lives in pain and fear. it's because a trip he made to the lucky store. three men approached his car as he was leaving. >> they were hitting me and calling me a terrorist. a third member came out of no one. >> reporter: these are photos taken after the attack. he lost six teeth and two plates in his face holding his jaw together. that injury was caused by this bottle of tequila that his attackers dropped into the car. >> i certainly believe the bottle hadn't gotten stuck there they would have kept beating me. >> this the parking lot was fi
i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight another teacher faces charges of having sex with a students. >> this time it is a high school teacher in livermore. her name is marie johnson, and police arrested her this morning when she uh -- arrived for work at granada high school in livermore. that's where ama dates is with the story. ama? >> carolyn and dan, marie johnson has been a teacher here at granada for 13 years, and tonight she is on administrative leave and in jail after police say she had a sexual relationship with a student. >> i saw it first on facebook, so i saw what happened to ms. j? >> students at granada high school called her ms. j, and police call her a suspect in a sexual assault involving a students. 40-year-old marie johnson is a math teacher at granada, and she is also married. this morning she was arrested by livermore police. >> there are 24 counts ranging from sexual intercourse with a minor, lewd acts with a minor and oral copulation. >> a student called and talked about the a relationship that happened between december of 2010 and may of last y
. >> that fight turned into a gunbattle this morning in greenbrae. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. for a marin county man 90 years old is not too old to fight. >> he opened fire when an intruder broke into his home. the suspect fired back. ama dates is live where the victim and the suspects are. ama 1234*. >> reporter: carolyn and dan i am told they are both recovering tonight. the suspect had surgery and is recovering now. the suspect is from novato or petaluma and he does have a violent criminal history. he went into the house with a gun, but he likely had no idea what he was walking into of the police worked this crime scene well into the night. it was after a morning burglary lead to a shootout pitting the homeowner against the intruder. >> the suspect kicked in the front door. when he went inside there was one man living at the residence. >> reporter: that 90-year-old man was jay leone. but he was not home alone. sara lives downstairs. >> all of a sudden i heard a boom. >> reporte
. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. those court documents offer new details about what happened on new year's eve. >> our legal analyst says this new information makes the case against the sheriff even stronger. johnal -- john alston has the details. >> the allegations against his, quote, going ballistic, and pushing and pulling and grabbing his wife on new year's eve in front of their two-year-old son, and there are claims this was not the first incident. the new sheriff showed up at city hall with a growing cloud over his head. >> i look forward to reporting to work and doing what i have been elected to do, and i look forward to having my day in court. >> that was before his arrest warrant became public with more specific allegations of a confrontation with his wife on new year's eve. according to an of a gave vit, -- to an affidavit, they were on their way to a restaurant for lunch when low peases asked to -- when lopez asked to visit after the inauguration. he started to scream "f-you,"" f-you." she -- he stated something about the fact that she didn't deserve to ea
budget meeting tonight in oakland. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. their interruption was brief, and the focus quickly returned to the millions of dollars cities across the state will lose in redevelopment funds by the end of the month. in oakland, the hit is particularly hard. $28 million. tonight city leaders are scrambling for ways to fill the budget gap. alan wang is at city hall where those layoffs are looming. alan? >> carolyn, the meeting just finished up within the hour. and they decided to delay this very crucial vote. and that's because dissolving a $28 million redevelopment front is a very complicated process, and they don't want anyone to lose their jobs if they can prevent it. despite interruptions by occupy protesters, the city council pressed on. time is running out. >> we have never done anything this big, this fast. >> the council is under pressure is slash possibly 105 jobs that includes 20 city administrator positions by the end of the month. the loss of $28 million in redevelopment funds has the mayor proposing huge cuts in slashing the budgets of the oaknd l
patel. it is really coming down out there. >> yes dan carolyn the camera is shaking behind you. the wind is picking up as well and the rain has been soaking the bay area. let me show you live doppler 7hd and you can see where the heaviest rain is falling. as we pan around it is starting to move out of the north bay. they are reporting very heavy rainfall right now. but the heaviest rain as you can see clearly here on live doppler 7hd is indicated in the yellows around concord and livermore and alamo, out toward fremont and even the south bay and san jose. san mateo and the peninsula is getting clobbered with heavy rain. the santa cruz mountains has already picked up more than four inches of rain, and you can see where it is. let's show you the rainfall tote will tas here. 4.5 in ben low man and santa rosa and mill valley is almost 3.5. over an inch in san francisco. livermore, a third of an inch. and here are your wind gusts. it has been gusting out of the southwest. gusting to 53 miles an hour at sfo. ha
in the backseat of that car, their sleeping five-year-old daughter. alan wang picks up the story. >> carolyn, the five-year-old girl is asleep in her bed tonight, but less than a few hours ago she was a missing child. people in this neighborhood say they feel safe here, but maybe not after tonight. five-year-old salma, senior slept through the whole ordeal. her father, adolfo senior just returned from her appointment at 6:30. he parked the car in front of their home and helped to bring their three-year-old son in the house while his wife ran in to use the restroom leaving salma asleep in the carseat. >> my wife finished what she was doing and coming out to get my daughter, and the car was gone in less than two minutes. >> i ran frantically down the street. my first inclination is maybe the car rolled down the street. >> he says they called 9-1-1 and the police were there in less than four minutes and quickly combed the neighborhood. adolfo says he and his wife were frantic. >> she was crying and running around. she was crying and the neighbors came out. everybody was helpful. it was like the
'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. the theme of tonight's address was an economy built to last. >> and the subtext was the key themes of his re-election campaign, jobs, taxes and the disparity between the rich and the poor. abc7's johnal stone was here with more -- john alston was here with more. >> the president pushed for more manufacturing jobs and help for high-tech companies that gives help to those in the u.s. he promised to help homeowners and those in college. >> echoing the focus of his re-election campaign, president obama challenged congress on its own turf. >> but intend to fight obstruction with action. and i will oppose any effort to return to the very same policies that brought on this economic crisis in the first place. >> the president again said he would increase taxes on the wealthy 1% while giving americans a break. >> if you made more than $1 million a year, you should not pay less than 30% in taxes. >> mr. obama is pushing congress to approve a plan he says would let homeowner saves about $3,000 a year by refinancing at the current low interest rate. with
an lombard street. lillian joins us live tonight. lillian? >> carolyn there's a concern the hillside could slide again which is why the city has deemed 3 condo units unsafe for now. >> this rock here 7 cubic yard. >>reporter: san francisco department of public work spokesperson is trying to protect the public from more falling rock. heavy rain caused this section of the hill to give way this morning. boulder snramd a car parked to condo building. crew since working on installing a barrie barrier. >> if we have any further rock fall we are hoping at least we won't get past here and any loose rock will in the get through the safety net put here. >>reporter: only a temporary solution until tomorrow. that's when engineers hope to determine the stability of the hillside. until then resident at 3 units that are closest to the slide have been told to vacate. order doesn't affect done walker in a different section of the building and home at the time of the slichltd i didn't know it was a ridiculous slide. so you knowed lake an earthquake or something an everything was shaking in our apartm
into an argument with another man in the restaurant. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: for years this jack-in-the-box has been open 24/. >> you are kind of hungry you can go to jack-in-the-box. >> some neighbors in the surrounding residential area say this fast food restaurant is a magnet for drunks and troublemakers, especially after the bars close at 2 am. >> we need to close that jack-in-the-box between 2 am and 4 am to make sure that the neighbors have a chance for peace and quiet at night. >> reporter: david lee has started an online petition to have the restaurant's hours restricted. more than 400 people signed in just two days. many point to what happened early thanksgiving morning when according to police a fight inside the jack-in-the-box escalated into an intentional hit-and-run at the gas station down the street. offduty state firefighter albert martol remains in critical condition. that is when city hall learned the restaurant was operating around the clock without the proper permit and critics are now seizing the opportunity to try to close it for two hours overnight. >>> that
, polluting the bay. more tonight from carolyn tyler. >> conveyor belt was idol this afternoon at metal management in redwood city. epa says the belt is used to move thousands of pound of shredded metal from cars to ship bound for asian 8. that belt was function oning in such a way that metal and p cb and mercury, copper, lead and p cb were ending up going directly into the san francisco bay which is a violation of the clean water act. >>reporter: the regional administrator says the p cb levels were up to continue,000 times over what was expected and the mercury 100 times. danger to fish, wild life and human. >> obviously fishermen and this is a worry for them. >>reporter: epa has taken photo of the largest metal electronic recycler in the world. and inspectors sent to the facility found evidence of pollution at both the shipping and rail car receiving areas. >> my immediate reaction to what i saw at the water edge was somewhat alarming. >>reporter: epa says the violations may have been going on as far back as 1992. agency is now demanding similar put prevention plan in place and
. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. it has been a good night for rick santorum in particular. >> and a bad one for newt gingrich with 99% of the vote counted mitt romney and rick santorum are separated by a 10th of a point. texas congressman ron paul is third. >> followed by former house speaker newt gingrich, texas governor rick perry and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. >> abc7's john alston has more on what has really been an exciting night. >> rick santorum seen as the big winner, but whether he has the money and the organization to capitalize on the strong finish is a question mark. also tonight we may have seen the beginning of the end of rick perry's candidacy. >> game on. >> rick santorum came from behind to find himself in a dogfight for the top spot of the iowa caucuses thanks to the support of the tea party and the other social conservative. >> we will be in new hampshire and we will leave tomorrow and spend our time there, and with your help and god's grace we will have another fun night a week from now. god bless you. >> at more than 800 ca
>> good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. it is cold and getting colder tonight. >> sandy starts our weather coverage tonight. >> you know winter has arrived when the temperatures have already dropped below freezing in some areas. take a look at the numbers. santa rose at 30 degrees. it is a bone chilling cold 31 in livermore at this hour and san jose reporting temperature of 37 degrees. this is why we have freeze warnings in effect for most of the bay area until 8:00 a.m. tuesday. teens and 20's expected inland. freezing damage to sensitive mrnts not out of the question and of course watch out for patches of ice especially over the bridges and overpasses. hard freeze warning in effect for the straits and delta teens and 20's for 4 to 6 hours watch out for that. 21 by morning. fairfield 20 in napa down to 22 degrees in santa rosa. 23 in livermore. the winter chill is here and the storm are not far behind. i'll be back with a full look at when the wet weather alives from a few minutes. we'll see you then. >> mean time people across the bay area are bracing for the night
wrong. >> his wife is defending her husband. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. he is charged with three misdemeanors. he faces one count each of domestic battery and endangering a witness. he surrendered where he was booked, photographed and fingerprinted. thomas roman is live at city hall. thomas? >> it has beg -- been quite a day. he was booked in the san francisco county jail by the same sheriff he is supposed to supervise. today's charges ended some speculation that as an elected official he would thought beheld accountable. he was looking tired and he stated he just received confirmation from the district attorney's office. >> it has been assigned to me. >> reporter: he quickly stated he will be vindicated of all wrongdoing. >> i believe that these charges are very unfounded. and we will fight these charges, and i am confident that in the endt we will succeed. >> reporter: george gascone is confident that the photographs that were submited and a text message conversation will be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. >> our decision here is just l
the streets of the mission district are safer. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. a man wanted for several sexual assaults among other crimes is now under arrest. thomas roman is live with the story. thomas? >> the 32-year-old san francisco resident the police arrest said being charged with four felony counts including sexual assault robbery and kid p thating. -- kidnapping. they began on 24th and potrero. and san francisco police say women in the area can now breathe a little easier. people especially women in the fair oaks area or who cross through the area daily are relieved that the man wanted in three brutal sexual assaults in the area has been caught. >> i am extremely happy that he was caught. it is such a quiet, very quiet, nice street. >> it is a sigh of relief. it is unnerving to know that there is somebody out there and it is great. >> they are happy, but still cautious. >> good news. >> going to change your behavior a bit? >> probably not. there is always the possibility there is somebody else. >> members of the special victims unit says the arrest of
on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline" a rescue mission forced to halt and families losing hope. 9 latest on the cruiseship disaster. and we take you to the cutting edge of medical testing where the prick of [ cellphone rings ] hey honey! mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy. may help boost your parking cam --karma that helps you park. >> turn left on to jackson street. >> it is a big, green button that guides you to the nearest open parking spot in san francisco. >> you are arriving to your destination. there is one available on this block. congratulations. >> there it is. >> david designed voice park and uses data from parking sensorsin stalled by the transportation agency that designed the park app. but he
with traffic stop nearly 2 miles away. carolyn explains what happened. >> my friend. >>reporter: roberts lost his best friend of more than 20 years today. in a strange and tragic set of circumstances this traffic mess is the end result. roberts says he was behind the wheel early this morning. his friend armed james and 2 other passengers were along for the ride. when he was stopped by annual immediate police officer. >> he said he wasn't we was going past the speedlimit. >>reporter: roberts car was impounded. alameda police say that's because had he a suspended license. it was just before 5 in the morning and this residential neighborhood. 4 people without a car. >> they were given the option of having the police officer call them a cab at their expense of course to go to their destination. they declined the offer. and then the individuals were no longer being detaped by the police department so she were on their way. >> we live far but we had to get to where we need to go so we had to walk. >>reporter: they ended up nearly 2 miles away walking along the edge of doolittle drive. re
it for february 24th one month from tomorrow. but tonight a new accuser has come forward. carolyn tyler has the story. >>reporter: this morning the sheriff was granted a speedy trial. this afternoon annex girlfriend came forward telling us she is willing to testify against him. the woman whom we are not identifying described the sheriff as a pit bull and bully during her year long relationship with him that began in 2007. woman filed a police report yesterday and tells abc 7 that in one incident he pushed me up against a wall. grabbing my arm and yelling. he caused a bruise that he apologized for. according to court documents the wife lopez accused him of bruising her arm occurring a new years eve confrontation. the shave has pled not guilty to 3 misdemeanor charges. and he has support. >> they are trying to take down a good man who stands for the city and fought for the city passionately. >>reporter: his attorney says this is one of the most over blown cases he has ever seen. >> if in times of the investigation the publicity, the amount of evidence. >>reporter: attorney wagner tol
violence. but he left the meeting saying he's not going anywhere. carolyn tyler spoke with the sheriff and had his reaction to that conversation. >>reporter: it was d-day for san francisco mayor lee. time for a heart to heart talk with embattled sheriff ross about his future. >> it's an opportunity time for the mayor. i would do this for any elected official or department head. if they are so distracted and i see that happening that i would ask them to consider making a personal position of their own. i don't want to putney more pressure on the sheriff. i think he has enough. >>reporter: but there's no doubt the mayor wants the sheriff to take a leave while he fights charges of domestic abuse. the sheriff says the meeting this afternoon in the mayor's office was cordial. did he ask you to step down. >> no. >>reporter: have you offered to do that? >> no. >>reporter: why do you think you can run the office effectively. >> i already am. i mean i am doing just that. at any time i'm putting in well over 40 hours a week here in the offic office. it's not a straight 8 to 5 job.
. story tonight from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: tim says he was bussed by a woman catholic church whp avenues young boy but took him 30 years to come forward this causes severe injuries that has life long effects crippling injury and sometimes you don't understand that until decades later. >>reporter: he came to the california supreme court where the justices are sdaiding how latest too late to bring a clergy abuse lawsuit. the case involves late reverend donald who once served at saint joe parish in hayward. 6 brothers say he molested them during the 1970's. but they did not link that to their psychological problems until 2006. that was three years after the california legislature extended the statute of limitations and open add one year window in 2003 for victims to sue. the spokesman for the oakland day cease believes that means time is up. >> that statute of limitation that in 2003 opened up that opportunity many gave hundreds and hundreds of people throughout the state their day in court. all but l several of those case were his settled including many that included the dio
tonight from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: well the pressure is mounting on l ross even member of transition team among those here at city hall today calling for him to resign. step down. while this investigation is under way. and while that news conference was under way, take a look at this unbee known as to anyone but photographer luke of the fog city journal, his wife lopez was there in the group. lchblingt he snapped these pictures of her. she was wearing dark glasses. she did not identify herself. she didn't say anything. mercury's attorney said she was on her way to visit him at city hall. you have to wonder though what she was thinking as those women were speaking on her behalf. demonstrators say that he should rae sign or step down while he's being investigated. for domestic violence. newly elected sheriff is accused of grabbing his wife's arm and causing a bruise on new year's eve. investigators say they have the video to private. video taken by a neighbor. members of the domestic violence consortium say the the allegations are serious and they are also incensed at the way th
. carolyn has the night off. >> one mr. year of painful cuts before it gets any better. that's the word from the governor tonight. he was forced to reveal the new budget after state workers mistakenly posted it on line 5 days early projecting 9.2 bill collar deficit and calls for 4.2 billion dollars in cuts f.voters reject a fall tax initiative to raise sales tax and raise income tax on the rich it also calls for cuts to education with 4.8 billion dollars. 3 week ofs school. lillian is here now with this new and what many hopeless round of cuts. >> the budget deficit projected for next year is smaller and more manageable than what we have seen in lease interest years. but the governor is still calling for deep cuts. critic say it's california poor who will be bearing most of the burden. >> i can't find a job. kind of hard. having no job skills. >>reporter: mark kelly has been out of work for a year. today he wept to the alameda county social services agency to apply for cal work. california welfare to work cash assistance program which he says should help him pay for basic expense
attack on 2 children in a bay area store. good evening. i'm dan. carolyn has the night off. there's an old saying in journalism dog is news. this woman 46-year-old was accused of biting 2 children at a book store on the peninsula. we are live in mountain view tonight with one strange story. how are the kids doing. >>reporter: well the kids were treated and released so i'm told they are doing well. however it happened at 1:00 o'clock inside this book store that just closed book buyer book store and the owner tells me that it was the mom who seemed pretty traumatized. >> woman bites children at book store. >>reporter: that's the headline scott read on the internet. >> that's freakish. right near where i hang out. >>reporter: downtown mountain view is where a lot of people hang out. today there was an incident inside a book store. >> one of the employee ran to me and said there's great trouble down there. >>reporter: this woman is one of the owners of book buyer book store on castro street and didn't see the actual encounter but was there when it happened. >> some other woman
profile. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, "abc 7 news." >>> a marin county smoking ban is on hold while they consider weeding out marijuana. it would allow the smoking in apartments and included marijuana and other herbs as well as tobacco. it was sent back to the committee with supervisor said only tobacco should be banned. there is already a law covering pot. >>> there is a lot of excitement in the central valley community of patterson about what could be a big economic boost. patterson is six square miles and sits right off of i-5. a new facility there that is apparently being built would bring much needed jobs and tax revenue. laura anthony has the story. >>> we are beside ourselves with joy over the project. >> they are calling project "x" to bring a major company to their town. >> why all the secrecy? >> that is the request of the end user. they finalize their details and prefer to have privacy in the matter. >> reporter: they don't divulge the name of the company but wide speculation amazon is planning to put a million foot distribution center 120 acres on the west side of town.
>> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. >> san francisco new sheriff faces criminal charges tonight after an apparent fight with his wife on new year's eve. ross is charged with 3 miss demeanor. they are one count of domestic violence. bat richlt one count of child endangerment and one count of dissuading a witness. the sheriff surrendered at the hall of justice where he was booked photogphed and fingerprinted. as vick lee reports, district attorney george says police are investigating the possibility that he might have been involved in other incidents of spousal abuse. >> whether this was the elected sheriff or any other san francisco resident this type of behavior is inexcusable, criminal and will be prosecute prosecuted. >> one of the charges was dissuade ago witness to the crime. he says he tried to influence the outcome of the vichlingts has to do with intent to either stop the grit calling the police or report ago crime or from assisting in having the judicial process and criminal process over. >> it was on new year's eve when he repo
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